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1quote.png Oh yeah, I came up here with an excellent time waster for today. 2quote.png
Eraser [src]

Time Wasters is the first episode of After Schooligans and it's first season. It released on April 12, 2021.

In this episode, Eraser and Cap invite Pencil to join them to waste their time climbing to the Summit of the Bookshelf. Whilst that happens, Eraser Wash panics as he tries to find Cap.


Before Climbing[]

Eraser and Cap sneak upon Pencil before calling his name as he draws, which scares Pencil. Pencil accidentally messes up a drawing he was making, which Eraser tries to erase. Pencil then asks what Eraser and Cap were doing, to which Eraser replies that he has found an excellent time waster, and that is climbing the bookshelf. Pencil asks why Cap is with him, to which the reason is that she stuck with Eraser after listening to his plan to climb said bookshelf. They eventually leave, and are about to climb the shelf.

Looking for Cap[]

Eraser Wash looks around, panicking and searching for his friend, Cap. As Eraser Wash stands in front of Marker, Marker asks what's wrong. Eraser Wash explains how Cap is suddenly lost. Shortly after Marker telling Eraser Wash how she spotted Cap on the teacher's desk, Pin drops a building block right next to Marker. Glue Bottle tells Pin to knock it off, which Pin does literally, knocking another block off. Marker asks Mini Eraser for help, but Mini Eraser ignores, being to tired and claiming to do it later. Eraser Wash, however, continues his quest for Cap.


Meanwhile, Pink is amazed by Green's line art and her colorization on a drawing, which is turning out very well, and Green is flattered. Eraser Wash appears, asking Pink, Green and Blue if they have seen Cap anywhere. Pink exclaims that she knows where Cap is located, but ends up giving the wrong information, which Green realizes and says that he heard Cap giggling about climbing the bookshelf. Eraser Wash shocks and is thankful, searching for Cap immediately afterwards.


On the bookshelf, Orange and Tan also waste their time, being close to the edge and preparing to dive from the shelf onto a pillow. Orange has second thoughts, but Tan advices him to live a little and pushes Orange off before jumping off it as well. The two pass by the climbers. Eraser yells at the two, asking them if they're having fun. Orange responds with no, but Tan responds the opposite answer.

Meanwhile, Eraser Wash confronts Scissors, who knows that Eraser Wash is searching for Cap. Scissors simply nods to the clear appearance of Cap on Pencil's head. Eraser Wash shouts Cap's name, telling Cap to come down before she gets chipped. Orange and Tan then fall into a pillow, launching off Sharpie and Sharpener, who were both resting on said pillow. The two emerge from a pile of dinosaur toys and tell the two to watch where they are falling.

The view of the classroom

The three climbers finally arrive at the summit, only to find Pen on it. Cap runs into Pen's arms. Pen asks how they all got up the summit, to which Eraser interrupts Pencil's answer, only to say that they have climbed up the bookshelf by their bare hands. Pen puts down Cap and asks if they climbed up for the view. Pencil and Eraser become confused before being shown to the amazing view of the classroom. Then, Eraser Wash appears and runs towards Cap in relief and begs Cap to come back. Cap does not want to, and Pen explains how Cap should enjoy the result of her adventure. Everyone on the summit enjoys the view once more as Pencil asks how Pen got up the summit. Much to Pencil's surprise, Pen says that she took the elevator.


In a mysterious end-credits scene, various objects appear, hiding beyond the classroom objects. The three objects, named Circuit Board, Plug and Microchip, fade behind a door in secret.









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