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1quote.png Oh, come on, Orange. Live a little! 2quote.png
— Tan [src]

Tan is a male crayon in the After Schooligans series, making his debut in Time Wasters.


Tan is an tan-colored crayon (also known as a wax pastel), shaded with various different shades of tan. His eyes and eyebrows are black, so are his arms, his mouth, and legs. He has a small tip for coloring with, that is also tan. His cover is a little torn.

Appears in[]


On the bookshelf in Time Wasters, Orange is a little nervous about Tan's time waster, but Tan tells him to live a little and pushes him off after hopping off and following him. As they fall, Tan and Orange pass by Eraser, Cap and Pencil, who were all climbing the bookshelf. Eraser asks if they are having fun, to which both crayons respond opposite answers.

As Scissors and Eraser Wash find Cap on the bookshelf, they also witness Tan and Orange's crash into a pillow, launching off Sharpie and Sharpener, who were relaxing on the pillow. Emerging from the pile of dino toys, Sharpie angrily yells to watch their fall, but Tan didn't hear Sharpie's rant and says that it was awesome as he and Orange lay dizzy on the pillow.


Tan is a very extreme crayon, doing very dangerous time wasters that he likes. That is not for Orange who is friends with Tan. Tan's cover is also a little bit torn, which may be a result of some of Tan's actions and it also visualizes how excessive Tan is.


  • Bravery: Tan dares to do very exorbitant time wasters, like falling from bookshelves.
  • Coloring: TBA


  • Orange: Tan is a good friend of Orange's.
  • Sharpie: Sharpie once got mad at Tan.
  • Sharpener: Sharpener once got mad at Tan.


  • Tan's slightly broken body and torn cover visualizes his extreme attitude.
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