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1quote.png I wanna see if we can reach the summit of the bookshelf! 2quote.png
Eraser [src]

The Summit of the Bookshelf is a place on a bookshelf where Pencil, Eraser and Cap travel to in Time Wasters. The bookshelf itself seems to have an elevator, as stated by Pen.


  • Pencil and Eraser climbed up the bookshelf with their bare hands, with the exception of Cap, who does not have hands.

The view.

  • If an object stands on the bookshelf, they will see an amazing view of the classroom, which is said by Pen.
  • Eraser Wash also climbed up the bookshelf, but in search for Cap, who was lost from Eraser Wash's sight.
  • Orange and Tan both jumped off from the bookshelf for fun, they eventually landed on a pillow.