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1quote.png Watch where you're falling, jerks! 2quote.png
— Sharpie [src]

Sharpie is a female marker in the After Schooligans series, making her debut in Time Wasters.


Sharpie is a black-colored permanent marker made by the Sharpie brand. She has a long black cap and a gray body. She has black eyes, mouth, and limbs.

Appears in[]


In her debut, she and her friend Sharpener were resting on a pillow near the bookshelf. Much to her and Sharpener's surprise, Orange and Tan both fell on the pillow from the bookshelf and causes Sharpie and Sharpener to strike in a pile of dinosaur toys. Emerging from the toys, Sharpie says they should be watching where they fall, to which Sharpener agrees. But Tan ignores the two and says that it was awesome.


Little is shown about Sharpie, but it's clear that Sharpie can get very mad as she is interrupted by something, or if something doesn't work for her. But she can still be very relaxed. She is also befriended with Sharpener.


  • Writing: TBA


  • Sharpener: Sharpener is Sharpie's best friend.
  • Orange: Sharpie was once interrupted from relaxation by Orange.
  • Tan: Sharpie was once interrupted from relaxation by Tan.


  • Sharpie resembles the classic black-colored permanent marker, but has no logo to be seen.
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