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Season One is the first season of After Schooligans. It first premiered as a sneak peek video on the 12th of April in 2020 before it's first episode, Time Wasters, which premiered four months later on December 12th, 2021. The season takes place in the classroom and is still ongoing.


The first season features 20 school supplies roaming around their beloved classroom making adventures as they please. They play fun games such as climbing bookshelves, doodling on math work sheets, building towers, climbing up book cases, and much more once everyone leaves the school building.



Season One
Title Image Number of Episode Release Date
Time Wasters
After Schooligans Ep. 1 April 12th, 2021
After Schooligans Ep. 2
To be added
After Schooligans Ep. 2
To be added

Episode Coverages[]

Time Wasters[]

Main Article: Time Wasters

In this episode, Eraser and Cap invite Pencil to join them to waste their time climbing to the Summit of the Bookshelf. Whilst that happens, Eraser Wash panics as she tries to find Cap.

After Schooligans Ep. 2[]

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To be announced