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1quote.png My colorization of your line art is coming out so fab! 2quote.png
— Pink [src]

Pink is a female crayon in the After Schooligans series, making her debut in Time Wasters.


Pink is a pink-colored crayon (also known as a wax pastel), shaded with various different shades of pink. Her eyes and eyebrows are black, so are her arms, her mouth, and legs.

Appears in[]


In her debut, Time Wasters, she tells her friend Green that the colorization of Green's line art is coming out as a fabulous masterpiece. Eraser Wash rushes in, asking them if they saw Cap anywhere, who has disappeared. As Green tries to mutter an answer, Pink states she knows about Cap's whereabouts. After Eraser Wash asks her location, Pink starts giving wrong information, talking about Pen, Marker and Pin. Blue acknowledges her mistakes and says that Cap was seen climbing the Summit of the Bookshelf. Eraser Wash gasps before sprinting away to find Cap.


Pink is a very light-hearted character, giving her friends compliments about their art. But she can also be very stubborn, telling people the opposite of what they wanted to hear.


  • Coloring: Although being a crayon herself, Pink used some markers to color an art piece of one of her friends'.


  • Green: Green was complimented by Pink for her line art.
  • Blue: Pink is a friend of Blue.
  • Eraser Wash: Pink tried to help Eraser Wash with finding Cap.


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