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Pin is a male push-pin in the After Schooligans series, making his debut in Time Wasters.


Pin is a small blue push-pin with a grey, shiny and stubby spike underneath the pin itself. He has closed eyes and black eyebrows, mouth and limbs.

Appears in[]


In Time Wasters, Pin creates a ruckus, throwing off building blocks, as Marker helps Eraser Wash with finding Cap. This annoys both Marker and Glue Bottle when a block nearly crushes Marker. When Glue Bottle tells Pin to "knock it off", Pin took it literally and knocks off another block. Marker orders Mini Eraser to put an end to this skirmish, but Mini Eraser declines, stating he'll do it later. Eraser Wash takes off in continuing her quest to find Cap, telling Marker to have fun with her problem.


Pin is shown to be a very evil object, being annoying and a jerk to other people, just for fun.


  • Strength: It was shown that Pin is able to push off building blocks with a a single kick.
  • Piercing: With his spike, he can pierce through soft materials.



  • Pin and Cap are both characters with closed eyes.
  • Pin's design looks highly similar to the character of the same name in Object Madness, as they are both blue push-pins.
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