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1quote.png It's cool, don't worry about it. Uh, anyways, what did you need from me? 2quote.png
— Pencil [src]

Pencil is a male pencil in the After Schooligans series, making his debut in Time Wasters.


Pencil is an No. 2 yellow pencil with green and yellow stripes on his ferrule/grip under his pink eraser on top of his head. He has black-dotted eyes, as well as having black eyebrows, mouth and limbs. His tip\lead used for drawing is slightly lighter.

Appears in[]


In his debut, Time Wasters, Pencil was interrupted by Eraser as he was drawing art on a big piece of paper on the teacher's desk making the intro of After Schooligans. He was then recruited to join him and Cap to waste their time climbing the summit of the bookshelf when Pencil forgives Eraser after he made him accidentally ruined his drawing. With a sigh, he agrees to join with the two. He later does arrive at the summit, as Eraser Wash looks for Cap, who is on Pencil's head. The team arrive on the bookshelf, and meet Pen, who was there to gaze at the view. Pencil and his friends all view the classroom, where Pencil becomes shocked after Pen answers Pencil's question by saying that they took the elevator.


Pencil enjoys being very artistic and adores drawing, which brings him joy as he scribbles his doodles on papers. He doesn't like to get interrupted when he is drawing though, getting a slight attitude if he is. He also likes an easy way out, which is shown when he is confused about Pen being able to use an elevator to travel to the summit as it wasn’t seen by him.


  • Drawing: Pencil always likes to draw after school time is over. Pencil, however does not use himself and he was only seen drawing an poster of the intro.


  • Eraser: Pencil is a presumable friend of Eraser, which is indicated when they call each other "Bro".
  • Cap: Not much is known except that Pencil joined not only Eraser, but also Cap on their quest to the summit. Cap is also shown on Pencil's head as Pencil climbs along with Eraser on the bookshelf because of Cap not having any arms.
  • Eraser Wash: Pencil knows Eraser Wash
  • Pen: Pencil knows Pen.


  • Pencil's design is similar to the Pencil in Battle for Dream Island.• The only things that are different is this pencil is yellow, his grip has yellow and green stripes instead of a grey grip and he’s a male instead of a female.
  • Although being a pencil himself, Pencil uses a slightly bigger pink pencil to draw his art with.
    • In the official intro, Pencil is shown drawing some kind of poster of the series.• Pencil is one of the two characters that have climbed something currently. The other is Eraser Wash.
    • Pencil is one of the five characters seen on a bookshelf. The others are Pen, Eraser, Cap and Eraser Wash.
    • Pencil actually made the intro. He appears in said intro drawing the school supplies gang on a large sheet of paper, that paper becomes the poster for After Schooligans.
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