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1quote.png Uh... I'm not so sure if I'm on board with this time waster, Tan! 2quote.png
— Orange [src]

Orange is a male crayon in the After Schooligans series, making his debut in Time Wasters.


Orange is an orange-colored crayon (also known as a wax pastel), shaded with various different shades of orange. His eyes and eyebrows are black, along with his arms, his mouth, and legs. He has a dulled coloring tip that appears to be a shade of burnt orange.

Appears in[]


In Time Wasters, Orange looks down from the bookshelf and says to Tan that he may have second thoughts about his time waster. Tan neglects Orange's statement and says he should 'live a little'. He then pushes Orange off and jumps along with him.

Whilst Eraser, Pencil and Cap are climbing the bookshelf, Orange and Tan crash down next to them. Eraser asks if they are having fun or not, to which Tan says yes, but Orange says the opposite. As Eraser Wash finds Cap thanks to Scissors, they all see how Orange and Tan crash into a pillow where Sharpie and Sharpener were resting on. The crash bounces Sharpie and Sharpener into a pile of dinosaur toys and Sharpie calls the two time wasters jerks for not watching where they fall. Frightened if that event also could occur to Cap, resulting in her getting chipped, Eraser Wash runs to the bookshelf to retrieve Cap.


Orange can be very worried and seeks calm time wasters instead of extreme or wild time variants. He can also be very alarmed by falling from tall heights.


Coloring: TBA


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