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As Scissors looks upon the window, Mini Eraser is being bounced on a fire truck.

Say... Glue Bottle. Remind me why I signed up for this nonsense?Mini Eraser

Glue BottleOH YEAH!

Glue Bottle places the fire truck down.

Ah... There's NOTHING better than a hearty workout in the dead of night! You think so too, right Mini E?Glue Bottle

Eeh... I can think of a few things better than this.Mini Eraser

Well... Thanks anyways for agreeing to come out here and spot me!Glue Bottle

You picked a pretty good night off to keep watch. And, I suppose getting to stare at the starry night sky for a while is better than cozying up with my books for tonight.Mini Eraser

Glue BottleSo, how was my count?

Eh, I haven't been keeping track. Hey, look, check out Scissors on the top cell all by himself at this time of night. What's up with that?Mini Eraser

I think Green asked him to do something tonight and-- h-hey wait, did you say you haven't been keeping track!?Glue Bottle

Now, what could THEY be up to?Mini Eraser

Scissors continues to look at the window, until Pink speaks to him.

Staring at nothing again, Scissors?Pink

I'm simply looking beyond my reflection and into the void of the night. You should try it sometime, soothe the soul.Scissors

Pink stands next to him, joining in briefly.

Ooh! You're right! I can feel my soul getting smoother!Pink

Scissors sighs. Green then presents her unfinished art piece to Scissors.

Hey, Scissors! How's it looking?Green

I like it!Pink

Well, your proportions are looking better, but your line quality leaves a lot to be desired. There's a distinct lack of rhythm though, and the wraparounds look really flat.Scissors

Okay, thanks guys!Green

Green sighs.

Scissors is such a hard critic.Green

Sharpener then meets Green.

Don't take it too personally, Green. Scissors just enjoys being observant.Sharpener

Well, yeah, that's why I asked him for help, but it feels like he could be a little more... Uh... Oh, what's the word.Green


Oh, yeah! Uh, nice vocabulary! Green

Pink and Scissors continue staring at the void of the night, but Pink begins to lose her patience.

Scissors, is something else supposed to happen or what?!Pink

Just... stay silent and focus your eyes past what's present.Scissors


ScissorsSigh... Well...

Glue Bottle then unexpectedly lifts up Scissors by his finger ring.

Hey, Scissors! Heh-heh.Glue Bottle

Glue Bottle, your obsession with lifting things into the air continues to surprise me.Scissors

Hey. We came up here to see what you were all doing at this hour.Mini Eraser

Care to explain, Green?Scissors

Oh! But-but my piece! It isn't, I-I'm not ready yet!Green

Awww, you got something? And you won't even let us see?Mini Eraser

Ahhh, this many people present is making me NERVOUS... Sharpener, what do I do?Green

Hm. I suggest imagining them all with their limbs and faces gone.Sharpener

Pin's Ruckus

A loud thud sounds. It emits from objects Pin is throwing with.


An upset Marker opens a shelve in the Teacher's Desk.

Pin! Come back to the desk right this instant! People are trying to sleep!Marker

Tired, Sharpie comes along, yawning.

What's with all the yelling?Sharpie

Can you guess?Marker


A rocket ship plummets.

Dang. Pin's acting like SUCH a WAD... Hey, where'd GB go?Pink

Chuckling like a superior, Pin is eventually stopped by Glue Bottle, who lifts him upward.

I'm afraid your reign of terror is done for the night, oh pointy one.Glue Bottle

Pin blows an angry raspberry.

Woo! Good job, Glue Boy!Pink

Perhaps the rest of us should turn in for the night. We should keep Marker from developing a worse headache.Scissors

Mini EraserAlright.

Sounds good! I gotta reconnect with my 'Z's'.Sharpener

Can we see your pic tomorrow, Green?Mini Eraser

Ummm... We'll see how it goes.Green

As everyone enters the Teacher's Desk, Cap jumps outside into Glue Bottle's arms.

Weee! OOF!Cap

Whoa, whoa, slow your roll there, speedy! It's prime time for bedtime.Glue Bottle

Awww! But, night adventure.Cap

I'm sure you can have plenty of night adventures in your dreams, sport.Glue Bottle

Getting Anything Good

After everyone has entered, the three mysterious objects from earlier contact each other.

Okay. They're all in for the night. Did you guys get anything good?Microchip

Just the drawing up here. Nothing worth besides that.Plug

Speaking through a walkie talkie, Circuit Board sighs.

We don't have time for that, Plug. Turn in for now and we'll... Pick it back up another night. And that's an order, Plug.Circuitboard

Ugh... Hmm... In a moment, ma'am.Plug


End Credits

Pin stands beside Pink, looking upon Green's now ruined drawing.

Care to explain?Pink

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