Ugh, what do you want? I'm on break!Mini Eraser

Mini Eraser is a female eraser cap in the After Schooligans series, making her debut in Time Wasters.


Mini Eraser is a purple eraser cap with black legs. She has black-colored eyes, eyebrows, and mouth.

An earlier design had Mini Eraser being colored pink.[1]

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In her debut, Mini Eraser complains when Marker grabs her attention, saying that she is on break. When asked to deal with Pin on the top of the block tower, she lays down and says that she will get to it later, but actually denies Marker's request.


Mini Eraser seems to be very pessimistic and lazy, not doing things immediately when asked, such as when she refused to help Marker with her and Glue Bottle's problem with Pin at the top of the block tower.


  • Marker: Mini Eraser was once demanded by Marker to do something about Pin's antics.
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