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LorenTzel is the series creator of After Schooligans, He is also a director, voice actor, writer, animator and editor on the show.


  • Series Creator
  • Director
  • Voice Actor
  • Writer
  • Animator
    • Visuals
  • Editor
    • Audio Editor
    • Video Editor

Characters Portrayed[]

Episodes Worked On[]


  • Loren works on a lot of object show projects, such as Inanimate Insanity or collaborations/multi-animator projects.
    • In Inanimate Insanity, he works as a graphic designer, voice actor, animator and animation revisionist.
    • For collabs, he has joined on IDFB 1 Re-Animated by 108 People!, BFDIA 1 Re-Animated by 95 People! and BFDI 1a+1b Reanimated! Fan-made MAP (Multi Animator Project).
    • He also works on Object Filler Again as an animator, writer and voice actor.
    • LorenTzel also worked/works on Open Source Objects as a recommender, organizer, illustrator, writer, story boarder and animator. To top it all off, he was even featured as a character in the series, also voicing him(self).

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