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1quote.png Well, uh, have fun with your little skirmish, I guess, I gotta go. 2quote.png
— Eraser Wash [src]

Eraser Wash is a male character in the After Schooligans series, making his debut in Time Wasters.


Eraser Wash is a spray bottle, used for cleaning. Most of his body is colored blue, except for the area around the hole on the spray nozzle, which is colored red, and the other stuff around Eraser Wash himself, being colored white.

Appears in[]


In Time Wasters, Eraser Wash panics about the whereabouts of Cap, which he first reports to Marker. As Marker explains how she saw Cap on the teacher's desk, Pin knocks down a building block, which angers Glue Bottle. Eraser Wash leaves, leaving the others with their problem and continuing her search for Cap.

He meets up with Green, Blue and Pink, also asking all three for where they have last seen Cap. Pink claims to know the answer, which is found out to be wrong when Blue states how she heard Cap giggling about climbing the summit of the bookshelf. After thanking Blue, she dashes off.

Falling before Scissors feet, Scissors notices that Eraser Wash is looking for Cap and says that she is with Eraser and Pencil. After asking where they exactly are, Scissors nods to the direction of Cap on Pencil's head as the others climb. Eraser Wash yells in distress, screaming that Cap might get chipped from the height she is travelling to. Cap denies, claiming she's having to much fun to get chipped. Stating that he needs to get up the bookshelf, Scissors wishes Eraser Wash good luck.

Finally reaching the top, Eraser Wash runs off to Cap and tells her to get back home. But Pen tells him that before they do, Eraser should watch the result of her adventure, which Eraser Wash lets her do.


Eraser Wash can be easily stressed and get into panic, but is also very kind and relaxed when he isn't worried, which is shown when he lets Cap watch the view of the classroom if it’s not too dangerous for her.


  • Spraying: Due to being a spray bottle, he can spray liquid out of her spray nozzle. However he is never seen doing that.


  • Cap: Cap and Eraser Wash seem to be best friends.
  • Pencil: Eraser Wash knows Pencil.
  • Eraser: Eraser Wash knows Eraser.
  • Pen: Eraser Wash knows Pen.
  • Marker: Eraser Wash asked Marker for help about Cap.
  • Green: Eraser Wash asked Green for help about Cap.
  • Blue: Eraser Wash asked Blue for help about Cap.
  • Pink: Eraser Wash asked Pink for help about Cap.


  • Eraser Wash and Cap may have a home together, which is stated by Pen.
  • LorenTzel has confirmed Eraser Wash to be male.
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