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1quote.png I also made the intro, but Loren literally held me at gunpoint and told me he'll probably upload it himself. 2quote.png
— Cheesy Hfj

Cheesy Hfj, also known as Isaac, is a musician that has created the music for the intro and outro for After Schooligans.


  • Composer/Musician

Episodes Worked On


  • Cheesy Hfj has two series' that he created himself. These are ONE and Battle for Circle. ONE is about 18 contestants who are teleported in batches of six into "the Plane" to compete in Airy's, the host, ill-planned, simplistic competition show where the winner receives a wish for whatever they want. Battle for Circle is about various circles competing for a circle.
    • ONE is still an ongoing series, but Battle for Circle has had it's finale with Circle winning.
  • Cheesy Hfj also works on Open Source Objects as a story boarder, editor etc.