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— Cap [src]

Cap is a female cap for a cleaning spray in the After Schooligans series, making her debut in Time Wasters.


Cap is a shiny transparent cap that closes cleaning sprays. She has closed eyes, a black mouth, and two black legs.

Appears in[]


In Time Wasters, Cap eavesdrops to Eraser's plans to climb the summit of the bookshelf. Thrilled and excited for adventure, Cap joins in together with Pencil, not knowing that Eraser Wash was looking for her and is asking everyone around for "the little one".

As Eraser and Pencil are climbing the bookshelf, Cap sits on Pencil's head because she is armless. She then see Orange and Tan pass by, falling from the bookshelf.

Eraser Wash finally sees Cap thanks to Scissors and yells out her name. Eraser Wash thinks that if she does not get down, she'll get chipped. But Cap denies, stating that she is having to much fun to get chipped.

Cap and the others finally reach to the summit and meet Pen. Cap runs off to Pen's arms. After staring to the view of the classroom, Eraser Wash also arrives and tells her to come back down, but Pen tells Eraser Wash that Cap should see the result of her adventure before returning.


Cap is very energetic in loads of scenes and can be excited very fast. She also can enjoy making adventures a lot. Like climbing a bookshelf.


  • Eraser Wash: Cap and Eraser Wash seem to be best friends.
  • Pen: Cap seems to know Pen very well.
  • Eraser: Cap enjoyed going on an adventure with him.
  • Pencil: Cap enjoyed going on an adventure with him.


  • Cap seems to be young.
  • Eraser Wash and Cap have a home together, which is stated by Pen.
  • Cap has closed eyes, just like Pin’s.
  • Cap is one of the characters that have been on a bookshelf. The others are Pen, Pencil, Eraser and Eraser Wash.
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